Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Sea of Faces

It started at the airport . . . Oh, my, there is Cherry, Eileen, Maru, and continued at the hotel! Everywhere I went there were familiar faces. After 25 years in this blessed community, the friendships made become rich and deep, and each is so precious. Greeting everyone was a new/old adventure come to life! Finding those you knew was easy the first couple days. "Let's sit together at lunch, at dinner . . . " It was a small lake of those to whom you are connected at a deep level, those whom you love.

Then came Friday night . . . the lake overflowed into a Sea of Faces! The richness was multiplied over and over. Our spacious prayer room overflowed and filled a second large room, our somewhat cozy meals tripled in size . . . it was totally awesome! New faces, new name tags to scan, new members of the community with whom to exchange. It was exhilaring! Add all this to all of you out there traveling with us . . . how blessed we all are!

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