Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fr. Thomas and Fr. Laurence Conversing

After a full day of giving presentations and dialoging, signing books and interacting with scores of people, Fr. Thomas and Fr. Laurence in their generosity were gracious enough to respond in an intimate setting to a question: What relevance does the contemplative dimension of life have for the modern world given its considerable financial, ecological, social and other problems?


Manuela said...

What a gift this blog has been for me, to feel like I am with you there in Spirit from here in Toronto. Thank you all for the time and love you put in this, to have extended the boundaries of the Conference. Maybe next year I'll be able to join in person, too. Peace, manuela

Phil said...


Congratulations on caturing the essence of this conference!


Anonymous said...

I did not make it to the Conference but am so happy to have these nourishing, sustaining ideas available to me in this blog. Thank you to all who made this event and blog a reality.

I've passed this on to my pastor, something I rarely do unless the material is deeply moving to me, as this video and the preceeding excerpt were.


Ron Barnett, Host said...

Manuela - its good to hear it was such a gift for you. The conference next year will be in Chicago so indeed maybe you can come.

Phil - Thanks!

Jennifer - how good to hear the good of this blog spreads from your action - like a radiating flower.