Friday, September 26, 2008

A Business Meeting NOT

This morning's business meeting turned out to be a high light of the Conference for me. What a good time to drop the trappings of corporate culture for a format that reflects a contemplative way of servant leadership! This is a Circle of Service that is not powered by the primitive energy centers. It was presented by Ron with clarity, poetry and beauty. What a business meeting! The balance of the meeting was the distribution of the the clear, easy to understand reports from our President, Treasurer, Nominating Committee, CRCS, Resource Faculty, Circle of Friends. The "Building Community" report with its news about the improved web site, bookstore and even on-line courses was exciting. And the fiinal five minutes of the business meeting was a preview of a new "Heartfulness" video series which features a wonderful interview of Fr. Keating with Betty Sue Flowers that will be released on three DVD's with study guide by March. I was sorry when the meeting was over.

Vivien Michals

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