Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fr. Thomas's Opening Talk

In this 10 minute talk Fr. Thomas welcomes conference attendees and speaking on oneness in contemplation sets an insipirational tone for the conference.

Conference Opening Talk by Fr. Thomas Keating.


DebbieLantz said...

I'm so delighted to be able to be present and not be there with all of you. I'm in Upland, California Debbie Lantz

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to be able to hear Fr. Thomas right here in Austin, Texas, and feel the oneness with all of you at the conference. June Jeffers

Leslee - Whippany, NJ said...

I won't blabber - yes I do feel the Spirit of Unity being transmitted to the online and home community.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate via technology. Peace.

Mary from Erie PA said...

I agree with Leslee from NJ. I do feel the Spirit of Unity too. Thank you for offering this blog as a way for those of us that could not come to be part of the weekend. Bless you and I am praying with you.

Ron Barnett, Host said...

Debbie, Anonymous, Leslee, Mary -

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It seems to me that the experience of unity is an "inner experience" and can potentially happen anywhere, under any conditions, in any setting and if the use of technology such as this blog is that setting then that is where it can potentially occur.

Blessings -