Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Radical Simplification"

The conference was in the Fall and the world has turned in ways expected and unexpected since then. The poet David Whyte writes contemplatively about the present Winter and living from the center in relation to life's peripheries here "A Fire Inside: Thoughts on the Creativity of Winter."


Marge Rafftery said...

Ron . . . What a lovely surprise tonight as I revisited our blog from the Pittsburgh conference and found the deep and thoughtful reading from David Whyte. Thank you for introducing us! Hope this coming year is one of "radical simplification" for both of us . . . wishing you all the best, my friend! Marge Rafftery

Ron Barnett, Host said...

Hello Marge and a big Happy New Year to you and your family! I'm glad to hear you found D. Whyte of value. His contemplative words have inspired me often.

In looking at his piece again I realized how we practice "radical simplification" in our practice of Centering Prayer - both in our exterior activities as well as in our interior worlds. Who said, "love is the ability to will one thing" - one thing needed, the simple made radical?