Monday, September 29, 2008

Homily and Blessing

The conference closed with an ecumenical service led by The Reverand J. David Muyskens on Sunday morning. Fr. Thomas delivered the following homily and gave the blessing. The text for the homily was I Corinthians 12.


Denise said...

I want to thank you so much for this final blessing from Fr. Thomas. It has been a gift to be able to share even just a bit of the conference from my home in New Mexico. The universality of life is witnessed daily in this tiny piece of our world which we call the land of enchantment. I was a bit overwhelmed with the grace I experienced by "blogging" each day. Let us all pray for each and for our world.

Ron Barnett, Host said...

You are most welcomed Denise. Its been a true joy for me to serve in this way and to hear that it has touched people like yourself in a special way. May grace continue to fill your life to overflowing.

kalijan said...

While listening I was amazed that powerlessness....the first step in the twelve step program was The Gift! As Father Keating shared about The Other I was moved into step two...and then the revelation. Maybe there is no Other/other...but possibly it is me/us. Did I hear this right? From a Catholic Monk.
Thank you and thank Fr Keating for the wonder of human consciousness and evolution.


Ron Barnett, Host said...

Sandy - you are most welcomed. I think you heard Fr. Thomas correctly regarding there is no other only Other - how reassuring.